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Logo der Single You

1. U gradskoj vrevi 
2. U istom snu
3. Doba mature
4. Možda zato
5. Snijeg
6. You


"YOU" is the first EP of Volžana. Her musical universe reaches from pop and chanson, over singer / songwriter to jazzed notes. In songs such as „U Istom Snu" Volžana dares artistically the great pose, but she is also not afraid of small, minimalist arrangements as in the title track "YOU".

VOLŽANA "U gradskoj vrevi" (official video)

VOLŽANA "U istom snu" (official video)

VOLŽANA "U doba mature" (official video)

VOLŽANA "Možda zato" (official video)

VOLŽANA "Snijeg" (official video)

VOLŽANA "You" (official video)

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